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The effects of Hurricane María were devastating for Puerto Rico: the entire island felt the impact of the biggest natural catastrophic event in the last 100 years. Unfortunately, the emergency continues as 75% of Puerto Rico remains without electrical power and about 25% without running water.

During this crisis, the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) has redirected most of its resources to insure the protection of its collection.

The MAPR’s collection represents an encyclopedic visual narrative of the history, culture and idiosyncrasy of the Puerto Rican people, through the talent of the most outstanding visual artists from Puerto Rico, beginning with José Campeche. It is imperative that such an important collection be preserved and secured to ensure that its works of art are available for future study and enjoyment.

It is generally recognized that the visual arts heritage of a community is a fundamental pillar of its culture and identity. Amid this emergency, the MAPR is leading rescue efforts to protect and preserve Puerto Rico’s visual arts heritage by opening its doors to the art collections of other cultural institutions in Puerto Rico that need safe, climate-controlled facilities. As a result, while continuing to preserve its collection, MAPR has become a temporary depository for these cultural and visual arts institutions, providing a safe shelter for their collections.

MAPR's affiliation to the Smithsonian Institution paved the way for an immediate emergency grant intended to procure the necessary fuel and supplies to start the preservation of the art collections, MAPR’s own and those of other art and cultural institutions.

But there is much more to be done, and we need your generous support!

Our campaign SÚMATE asks you to be part of something bigger. Your donation will guarantee that future generations can have access to these magnificent art collections to study and enjoy the rich and diverse legacy of Puerto Rico’s visual artists. As you support MAPR, you will directly contribute to the preservation of Puerto Rico’s visual arts heritage and culture.
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